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CBT for Sleep

When was the last time that you slept really well and woke up feeling truly refreshed and energised? For most people, that’s not something that happens regularly. In fact, a recent study in the UK found that almost three quarters of people reported poor quality of sleep on a regular basis (


Poor sleep can contribute to a number of physical and mental health difficulties including:

  • Reduced cognitive functioning (i.e. poor memory and concentration)
  • More accidents
  • Higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Weight gain
  • Irritability
  • Pain

How do sleep difficulties develop?

Sleep difficulties often build and worsen over time. Anxiety and worry around sleep can increase and a vicious cycle develops which seems impossible to break. Often the only way to get through the day is through napping, caffeine and keeping activity levels to a minimum.




How can CBT help with sleep?

CBT focuses on breaking this cycle and helping you to develop a more positive sleep cycle through changing how you think about sleep and teaching you techniques to improve sleep. The anxiety you feel around sleep will reduce and you’ll feel more energised and motivated to do things, which in turn helps further with sleep. If you’d like to learn more or book an appointment then please get in touch using the link at the top.


"I tried Andrew Kemp to help with sleep. The results were really quick, by the second session I was no longer trying to sleep on my couch (I had found it impossible to sleep in my bed). His manner is very easy going and relaxed. He knew from the first session what would help me and taught me how I should be thinking about sleep. Andrew also gave me the tools, so that if ever my sleep did deteriorate, I’d know what to do."


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